How to enter the service


The service consists of

  • Assessment and Fit (one appointment where possible)*
  • Patient will remain in our pathway should they require removal of ear wax prior to assessment and fitting. No re-referral will be required.
  • Follow up (within 10 weeks)
  • Annual review
  • Aftercare including replacement batteries and repair for 3 years
  • Battery replacement service is available at all centres, by post or telephone request 01924 898784.

The service aims to fit Open Fit or Receiver in the Ear devices in 80% of patients. These can be fitted in the same appointment. Patients requiring a moulded device will require a further appointment.

e-Referral (formerly the Choose and Book system)

To find Audiology on the e-Referral system please take the following steps.

Choose the following speciality - Diagnostic physiological measurement
Choose the following clinic type - Audiology - Hearing Assess / Reassess

Audiology Fax Referral

Please complete relevant referral form (which can be found below) Fax completed to: 01924 895744

Eligibility criteria for the service

  • Patients registered with a NHS Wakefield District CCG General Practice aged over 19
  • Patients registered with a NHS North Kirklees CCG General Practice aged 55 or over

Patients must also:

  • Be free of occluding wax prior to referral
  • Not have experienced any sudden hearing loss in the last 3 months
  • Not have an asymmetrical hearing loss of recent origin
  • Not have unilateral distressing or pulsatile tinnitus
  • Not have a recent new episode of rotational vertigo