Adult Hearing Loss

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What is hearing loss?

As our ears age their sensitivity to different tones can become reduced. Most commonly this happens in the high pitched region although this can vary. Changes in hearing can come about due to noise exposure, disease or simply the ageing process.

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

  • Difficulty in background noise - Hearing may seem normal in quiet or one to one environments but you may struggle in group situations
  • Increased TV volume - You may require a higher volume setting on your television than those around you
  • Repetition - You may find it increasingly necessary to ask those around you to repeat what they have said for clarification.

What to expect from my appointment

This appointment normally lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. A detailed history of your hearing health will be taken including the difficulties currently being experienced, the speed of any changes and any problems with balance or ringing in the ears (Tinnitus).

Should we identify a hearing loss requiring correction, we will offer to fit hearing aids on the same day in most cases. Where this is not possible an impression will be taken of the ear for a custom made ear mould to be made and an appointment will be booked at a later date for the hearing aids to be fitted.

Hearing aid fitting

Modern digital hearing aids are capable of being very accurately fitted to the individuals hearing loss and ear shape. To ensure you obtains maximum benefit from your hearing device, a sensitive microphone will be placed into the ear canal to measure the output of the hearing aid against a target for your hearing loss.

Once your hearing aid has been fitted the Audiologist will discuss the following points:

  • Setup of the aid
  • Fitting and using your hearing aid
  • Adaptation to the hearing aid sounds
  • Information on how to maintain and take care of the hearing aid
  • How to change the battery
  • How to receive your batteries

Written information on all the above will be given at the end of the appointment.

Hearing aids

Modern hearing aids are significantly more discrete and effective compared to older models. In the majority of cases you will be offered ‘open style’ thin tube or receiver in the ear models which are very light and comfortable to wear. If your hearing loss requires a very high powered device an ear mould will be made for your ears to ensure you obtain maximum benefit from the fitting. All hearing aids, batteries and aftercare are free of charge.

However please note that Novus Health reserves the right to apply a charge of £50 for hearing aids that have been lost or damaged due to user negligence. Novus Health makes no profit from this charge which simply takes into account the cost of a replacement aid, mould or receiver and the Audiologists’ time and materials.

Not treating may be an option

Where your hearing measurement indicates a very mild loss or you feel you are not experiencing any significant difficulties a hearing aid may not be required. Should this be the case appropriate listening tactics will be discussed to help you maximise your hearing performance in a range of situations.

Follow up

You will receive a paper review via post within 8-10 weeks after your hearing aid fitting. This will include a questionnaire on care received and how you are getting on with the hearing aid. A self-addressed and pre-paid envelope will be included to send back to Novus Health. Depending on the feedback we receive you may be invited to a 15 minute appointment to rectify any issues you may be experiencing with your hearing aid.

Ongoing care for 3 years

Novus Health will continue to support you throughout a 3 year pathway:

  • Provision of batteries/hearing aid repair appointments (15 minute appointments) for new ear moulds, lost, broken, faulty hearing aids etc.
  • Fine tune/review appointments (30-60 minute appointments) to retest hearing, adjust/upgrade hearing aids and check progress as necessary
  • Long-term care with annual reviews - You will be able to contact us at any time to access any changes needed
  • 3 year review - You are offered a repeat hearing assessment and if required reprogramming of their hearing aids at the end of the 3 year care pathway.

Assistive Listening Devices

There are a range of wireless accessories that help you hear better on the telephone, watching TV or talking with people in a restaurant or in a meeting. These devices are not available on the NHS but can be purchased separately. Speak to your audiologist for further details or visit the Novus Hearing website.

Private hearing care option

We also provide a private hearing healthcare option. Visit Novus Hearing for details.

Lost or damaged hearing aids

Please see our lost or damaged hearing aids policy below.