Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is central to trust between medical staff and patients. At Novus Health, all the information is kept secure and in the strictest confidence. Your information is not passed on or used inappropriately. We follow strict standards to ensure your personal information is protected at all times.

Only authorised members of staff are allowed to see or use personal information held within your records.

Information will only be released without your permission if there is a danger to you or others. This is only done in exceptional circumstances.

If care involves Novus Health's staff working with people from other organisations, e.g. Social Services, some information may be shared for your benefit. They also have a legal duty to keep the information given confidential.

We may need to access and record information about your treatment. The information we gain allows us to provide your treatment and can also be used to monitor the quality of care we provided.

The Data Protection Act (1998)

The Data Protection Act (1998) is a law which sets out rules for the management and processing of personal information relating to individuals. It is also designed to protect and maintain personal identifiable information, and to enable those wishing to, too gain access their records.

The Act carries personal liability, therefore everyone in the workplace has the legal duty to protect the privacy of information about individuals. Under the Data Protection Act, and as part of good clinical practice, all electronic and paper based information is confidential and stored securely. Your data is always confidential and will only be accessed for your treatment or a need to know basis.

What do we do with your information?

Your information is kept on a variety of computer and paper/written records. We are moving toward recording more, if not all, information electronically on a secure system. Electronic records may be accessed immediately by staff. Your information will not be disclosed without your permission

Your Rights

Patients have the right to control access to their own information as well as the right to object to the use and disclosure of their information. However, if you do choose to prohibit information being disclosed to other health professionals involved in providing care, it may limit the care which can be provided. With your permission, your relatives, friends and carers can be kept up to date with each stage of your treatment. If you agree to take part in research you will not be identified in published results unless you give your permission.

What we need from you

It is very important that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. If you have changed you name or address we must be informed so we can update your record on our system.

Help staff review the care they provide to make sure it is of the highest standard, this can be done through research and the questionnaires we provide you with at the end of your treatment.

How you can help us

Please let us know if any of your personal details have changed.

Novus Health is keen to ensure that the service provided is of a high quality if, however, you have any comments to make regarding the service you have received then please feel free to contact us via email -