Who are Novus Health?

We are an independent organisation set up in 2007 by the majority of practices in Wakefield and 5-towns district. We provide health care in innovative ways with an aim of improving quality of care, waiting times and simplicity of use for patients.

We are run by a board of local GPs and GP practice managers. The shareholders who set up Novus Healthcare are all local NHS employees, both GPs and Hospital Specialists. Novus Health delivers quality local healthcare services in partnership with the NHS and only provide our services to NHS patients. However, we are not owned by the NHS.  

We put patients first, with a firm focus on competent, professional clinical staff, who deliver personalised healthcare which is compassionate and responsive. We work in partnership with patients, their families, commissioners and other healthcare providers to deliver services in appropriate environments, in the most convenient locations.

All our staff and clinicians are empowered and promote the core values of Novus Health:

  • Working together for patients
  • Treating staff and patients with respect and dignity
  • Striving for excellence whilst maintaining our commitment to quality of care
  • Treating patients with compassion
  • Safeguarding the most vulnerable
  • Improving lives
  • Getting it right, first time and every time
  • Making it personal
  • Putting in the extra effort to succeed
  • Treating your healthcare seriously

Our Vision

“To be recognised for our commitment to improving health care services for the local community, developing our range of locally accessed services and excelling in quality, safety and patient experience”

This vision is underpinned by a series of more specific strategic aims:

  • Improving the safety and clinical quality of our services
  • Improving the experience for the patients that we treat, as well as their carers and families
  • Developing the range of services we provide and developing the integration of services between primary and secondary care
  • Delivering services closer to peoples’ homes, with continually improved access to treatment times
  • Developing our organisation and workforce
  • Continually improving the financial stability of the organisation to enable us to re-invest in new services
  • Supporting local GP networks to develop and deliver services

Patients are referred to Novus Health by their GP using the ‘e-Referral’ system.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide high quality services as close to the patient's home as possible
  • To make use, where possible, of existing health centres with appropriate facilities, taking advantage of easier access
  • To provide high quality care with the best outcomes for patients', taking account of the patient's needs and experiences
  • To ensure that patients, their carers and relatives are active partners in decision making
  • To strive for continuous improvement of all services
  • To ensure that all staff contact with  patients, their families and each other is conducted with courtesy, professionalism, integrity, openness and respect
  • To listen and learn from patients, staff and partners as we continue to develop and deliver services
  • To work with commissioners to rationalise care pathways making it simpler, quicker and more effective for patients to receive the care they need
  • To actively collect and monitor real time patient feedback, and adjust service delivery accordingly
  • To liaise, where feasible, with existing local providers and specialists to avoid unnecessary duplication of services, and ensure that we work as co-operatively with colleagues in secondary care as possible
  • To ensure compliance with existing information governance requirements, maintaining patient confidentiality at all times.