Patient Participation Group

Who We Are and What We Do

We are an independent healthcare provider who currently deliver 7 services throughout Wakefield and North Kirklees.

We are continuously finding ways to improve our services and want to involve our patients in the changes we make. Therefore we have now implemented a Patient Participation Group (PPG) in our business engagement plan.

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

The PPG is a selection of patients and Novus staff who meet at regular intervals to discuss ways of making positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by Novus to our patients.

We produce a quarterly Newsletter which carries information for you about the services and business. If you would like to discuss these at the next meeting, you can.

Why have a PPG?

  • To obtain the views of patients who have used the service delivered by Novus Health and obtain feedback.
  • Review any feedback received about the services delivered with staff and relevant members of the PPG with a view of agreeing the improvements (if any) to be made to those services.
  • Consult on development where appropriate, expressing opinions on these matters on behalf of patients. However, the final decisions on service delivery rest with Novus Health.
  • Act as a sounding board to provide feedback on patient needs, concerns and interests.
  • Communicate information which may promote or assist with healthcare.
  • To raise issues affecting patients, or for input into any operational issues affecting staff, so that patients can have their views on service matters taken into account.
  • Act as a forum for ideas on health promotional and self-care and support activities.
  • Raise patient awareness of the range of services available at Novus and help patient to access / use services more effectively.

What we don’t use the PPG for

  • The PPG is not a forum for individuals to express personal complaints. Complaints must be made to comply with our complaints procedure.
  • The group is also not a place for medical advice and issues. As there is already a well-established protocol for this.
  • Complaints: should be addressed formally in a letter format to our complaints Manager Luke Streeting.
  • Medical advice/Issues: should be addressed within any follow up call you receive or to the Consultant or any of our Nurses present.

Benefits of PPG

Patients will benefit through:

  • The opportunity to recommend improvements and raise issues which can lead to action.
  • A better awareness of how Novus Health operates.
  • Being enabled to have an input on your own, family, friends and other patients care and experience.

Novus will benefit through:

  • Improved communication with patients
  • The potential for a mutual, respectful relationship.

Joining Our PPG

If you would like to join our PPG, please complete the form included with your details, or contact us via email with your name, address and phone number, to

Group Meetings

We will be hosting 3 meetings throughout the year, in the afternoon in a central location.

Future plans

We hope to broaden our PPG over the coming meetings and recruit additional patients to the group. We also plan to have open meetings, where non – Novus Health patients are able to attend. Information on the dates, times and venue will be found on our Patient Participation Group Newsletters throughout the year.