Our vision and values

Novus Health Ltd – Vision and Values 2018-2020

The statements below identify the Vison, Values, Aims and Priorities for the organisation for the next two years. These statements are underpinned by detailed operational plans that will support the transformation of the organisation and development of the range of services provided locally.

Our Vision – identifies our future ambition and how we desire to be recognised
Our Values – should be embedded in everything we do and every patient contact
Our Aims – outline the our purpose and intentions
Our Priorities – identify the elements of our organisation that are the most important

Our Vision

“To be recognised for our commitment to improving health care services for the local community, developing our range of locally accessed services and excelling in quality, safety and patient experience”  

Our Values

  • Woking together for patients
  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Everyone counts

Strategic Aims    

  • Improving the safety and clinical quality of our services
  • Improving the experience for the patients, carers and families that we treat.
  • Developing the range of services we provide and developing the integration of services between primary and secondary care.
  • Delivering services closer to people’s homes, with continually improved access to treatment times.
  • Developing our organisation and workforce.
  • Improving the financial stability of the organisation.

Key Priorities


  • Delivering safe, harm free care focusing on evidence based pathways, supervision and board level clinical leadership.
  • Developing, maintaining and deploying clinical staff, who are competent, empowered and promote the core values of the organisation.
  • Delivering personalised, responsive and compassionate care in partnership with patients and families, commissioners and other healthcare providers in appropriate environments safeguarding the most vulnerable.


  • Developing a robust organisational infrastructure that supports continuous improvement, can respond to new challenges and become a leading enabler within the local health economy.
  • Exceeding all key NHS Constitution and commissioned standards and deliverables, including access and quality outcomes.
  • Developing our range of community services that are available to the local population, delivered by local clinicians, closer to people’s homes, which are integrated with primary and secondary care provision. 


  • Improving our financial stability and generating funds to re-invest in our services.


  • Develop a more diverse workforce and promote an inclusive culture, equality of opportunity for all staff and the behaviours and capabilities required to regulate proportionately, fairly and free from bias.
  • Ensure that the way we operate, our rules and the decisions we make are proportionate, fair and free from bias.  

We will Excel by:

  • Delivering on our promises.
  • Making it personal.
  • Putting in the extra effort to succeed.
  • Taking your healthcare seriously. 
  • Making it timely.

The Excel principles underpin the organisations drive to build confidence and satisfaction. They are fundamental to ensuring that staff know the performance that they are expected to deliver and that they deliver a quality service.